Adding dependencies to Robots, pre & post-processing

Most of the times you would not need to configure anything to the Robots in Qentinel Pace for executing your test cases. However, in RPA cases or custom libraries, you may need to install certain dependencies to the Robots. You may also have a need to run specific commands before or after the run itself. You can achieve this as follows:

Installing dependencies

Add a file requirements.txt in the root of your repo. Robots in Qentinel Pace will run command pip install requirements.txt before suite is run and install all the dependencies mentioned in that file. A common use case for this that Qentinel Pace does not have a certain Python package or Robot FW library installed by default.

Pre & Post-processing

Add a file pace.before in the root of your repo. All the commands mentioned in pace.before will be run prior to suite run. You guessed it right, if you need Robots to execute a set of commands after suite run, you will need to add pace.after file in the root of your repo.

The file is run like a source in the current shell (. File), so it can have any command that works in shell.