Supplier Organization View

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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

You belong to a supplier organization, when you have permission to sell Copado Robotic Testing subscriptions. In which case, you should see a org. switcher next to your profile picture when you are logged in, as shown in the picture below.



You can view all the organizations you have access to by either clicking on the handshake icon or clicking on your profile picture and clicking on Organization. You can switch between organizations or be in all organizations using the org. switcher.

By being in a specific organization, you will only see projects and Quality Intelligence dashboards that exist within that specific organization and are made accessible to you, through project level access management. The organization you are currently in is visible on the org. switcher itself.

Should you wish to see all the projects and Quality Intelligence dashboards available to you in all the organization, select All organizations by clicking at the handshake icon.

Please note that the org. switcher only works on pages which are related to an organization. For example your home page is not related to which organization you are in and hence the org. switcher does not pop anything up. However, on a project page it does function.

Projects page

Clicking on the Project icon (briefcase) at the top-right next to your profile picture list will take you to the Projects page. You will see a list of all the projects that are available to you within the organization you currently are. If you wish to see a list of all the projects in all the organizations that you have access to. Please click on the handshake icon and select All organizations. Now you should see a list comprising of all the projects you have access to.

Project creation

Towards the completion of a project creation you should get a Jenkins user credentials. Please keep them safe somewhere, you will need them for configuring Jenkins jobs if the need be.

Robots Page

Please note the difference between a typical user's or a supplier's view once the robots have been created and a dashboard is linked to the project. Supplier has Jenkins option available right under the Robot's name, as shown in the picture. Should the supplier wish to modify/configure Jenkin's jobs corresponding to these robots, the user needs to click on the Jenkins icon and log in with the user credentials created with the project creation. As well, supplier has additional information on the machine and robot id.