Version 2.11.6 Date: March, 30 2021

2.11.6 primarily focuses on enhancing the user experience in cloud-based mobile testing in Copado Robotic Testing by simplifying the configuration and setting-up process.

Application Uploading

You can upload your mobile application under test to Copado Robotic Testing. This application is then securely passed between Copado Robotic Testing and the cloud device farm. With this upgrade, you may upload the application by either uploading the application file or proving the URL of the application package.

Universal Help

On the top-right of every page, you have a question mark which is the universal help icon. This icon provides you with options to launch the help documentation, contact support and launch the guided tour for that specific page. Guided tours are a newly launched feature and are available only for the most important pages. They will guide you on the most important attributes of the specific page. You may try out for example launching a guided tour on the robot’s view.

QI for DevOps

New pull services have been added to Quality Intelligence for DevOps. Consequently, data from new sources can be easily pulled into the model and resultant metrics. Additionally, a feature for selecting data range in graphs has been added. More information on this will be shared in the upcoming release demo and the release blog.

Test Detailed Report

Based on the feedback from customers, the detailed test result report has been improved for better handling and readability. In case of a failed test case, the detailed report will keep every test step collapsed except for the exact failing step and the steps containing screenshots.

QWeb Open Sourcing

Did you hear about QWeb open sourcing? Qentinel has open sourced one of its dearest software components QWeb, a web application automation library. This is our humble gesture in giving back to the open source community. Go check out the github pages. You may very well benefit from the tutorial and reading the Finnish Tax Administration success story with QWeb and Copado Robotic Testing.

You may try our QWeb by installing it to your local machine and doing the necessary Robot Framework-related setup. Or you may just sign up for Copado Robotic Testing within a minute and try out QWeb there with tons of other exciting features.

Happy testing!