Version 2.11.7 Date: April, 30 2021

The two main themes for 2.11.7 release are improving visibility in software quality and efficiency in test development. We are pleased to announce that with this release we are making Quality IntelligenceTM available at every Copado Robotic Testing plan, basically for everyone. As well, we are launching PaceEditor’s VSCode extension, so that you can leverage PaceEditor’s capabilities in VSCode and develop test cases on the world’s most advanced test development platform.

Quality IntelligenceTM

Quality Intelligence is a rich visualization and advanced analytics functionality in Copado Robotic Testing. You can read in details about it in the dedicated section.

Quality Intelligence allows users to create dashboards from various sources, broadly divided into test results data and external sources. Test results data is the one you generate by executing tests on Copado Robotic Testing. Whereas, external data can be from any other source like Jira, for example. This feature will allow anyone with Copado Robotic Testing user credentials to create their own dashboards using the test results data from projects, robots and suites. External data can be fetched via specific pull services, however, that capability is available at Team plan.

Please note that this has been launched as a beta feature now which implies that in order to avail this, you need to activate beta features from your profile. Subsequently, you will see the Quality Intelligence icon on the top right of your screen.

VSCode Extension

PaceEditor is the next-generation highly advanced test development environment for PaceWord and Robot Framework test scripts. By leveraging a massive amount of test case data, it guides you through the scripting process. And helps you to create scripts by constantly monitoring and analysing your actions.

You can now install PaceEditor to your VSCode and leverage similar capabilities that PaceEditor offers you in the cloud. PaceEditor VScode extension integrates seamlessly with Copado Robotic Testing and besides offering intelliSense and predictive capabilities, it enables you to trigger test runs in the Copado Robotic Testing cloud from your VSCode.

Please note that all the predictive features and cloud execution capabilities are made available to you when you integrate your VSCode with your Copado Robotic Testing account. If you do not wish to sign up for Copado Robotic Testing and wishes to use this extension as a standalone for writing Robot framework test scripts that is possible too.

The extension is available here.

Performance change detection

Another advanced feature that we have launched with this update is performance change detection in test execution. This is a suite level advanced feature that can be turned on while editing a suite. The core idea here is that robots will track the execution time of each test case as an individual entity and notify you when they notice a recurring delay in a test’s execution time. This is a fascinating insight as it may directly relate to performance issues in your application under test or inefficiency in the test design or a possible change in your application under test rendering the test inefficient.

Slack Integration

In addition to email notification, now you can configure robots to send you Slack notifications. Now your team can follow a suite’s status from Slack channel. Robots can be configured to send a notification when a test run starts and/or test result summary for a bunch of qualifying criteria.

Discontinued Support For Python 3.6

We are formally discontinuing support for Python 3.6. If you have a cloud deployment or an on-premises deployment using QConnect, you don’t need to worry about anything. However, if you are using one of the former hybrid architecture wherein you are downloading PaceConsole, please note that it won’t support Python 3.6 version anymore. Please be in touch with us if you need support regarding this.

Robot Framework 4.0 support

We are also pleased to announce support for Robot Framework 4.0. The default Copado Robotic Testing robot image does not yet contain RFW 4.0. This can be configured at the time of creating a robot, given that you have toggled on beta features from your profile.

When creating a robot click on advanced options and select a robot image of your preference. You can see in the robot image name the different versions.

Please note that computer vision technology in Copado Robotic Testing does not yet support RFW 4.0. This is scheduled to come out in May’s release.

Happy testing!