Version 2.11.8 Date: May, 27 2021

The two main themes for 2.11.8 release are pricing update and QConnect for Mac.

Pricing Update

We have updated our pricing. You could read about it on Qentinel pricing.

The key changes in the pricing lists are as follows:

  • Mobile add-on is available in Pro

  • On-premises robots are available in Pro

  • Desktop application testing is available in Pro

  • Pre-paid annual minute bundles are available in Pro and Team

The changes are done to provide our customers with invaluable add-ons at all commercial levels, help them predict their automation costs better and consequently their budgeting. In case you need more information please contact us

On-premises Mac robots

QConnect has an all-new capability to install Mac robots in your network. The Mac robots do not require any additional port openings in your firewall. You may orchestrate the robots from Copado Robotic Testing UI in the exact same way as you would orchestrate your cloud robots. Not only you can schedule runs, but you can also control whether or not the robots can send results back to Copado Robotic Testing.

Be it an inaccessible system under test or highly regulated industries Copado Robotic Testing can address your test automation needs.

QConnect is available as an add-on.

Create your first automated tests in a minute

All personal plan users will see two assisting cards on their home page - run example tests and create automated tests. Using these assisting cards you can create and run your first automated tests in minutes. Later these cards will be made available for everyone.

Did you miss our release demo and a discussion on Robot Framework and Qentinel? Watch it on youtube.

Happy testing!