Version 2.13.0 Date: Sep, 9 2021

It’s a new day at Qentinel Pace.

Qentinel has joined Copado — the #1 native DevOps platform for Salesforce and SaaS clouds — and rebranded our test automation solution to Copado Robotic Testing.

But we want to make one thing clear — your use of Qentinel Pace robotic software testing will continue just the way it was before. We simply have a new name and a new login URL:

19 years ago, we founded Qentinel to accelerate development through the power of automation. Today, as we transition to a new season in our company’s history, our vision remains the same — to turn software testing from your #1 bottleneck into your #1 competitive advantage.


We have rebranded our product to become Copado Robotic Testing - A new name and an all-new look and feel. The core functionalities remain the same. Here is a list of things that rebranding has affected.

  • Product name from Qentinel Pace to Copado Robotic Testing.

  • URL - The EU URL has changed from to We will shortly launch our US instance with URL

  • PaceWords are now called QWords.

  • PaceEditor is now known as QEditor

  • PaceConnect our on-premises robot module is now known as QConnect.

Live Testing reinvented

One of the most loved features has undergone major user experience improvements. The live testing is now an integral part of the QEditor experience. You can now debug and develop your test cases and instantly mirror them in your tests. This brings out a seamless test development experience and drastically boost your productivity.

Additionally, the following features have been launched * Live test a suite or test until the current cursor location. * Live test a test case from its annotation. * Execute For loops and If statements. * Configure screen resolution for LiveTesting.

Result Artifacts

Copado Robotic Testing keeps an entire history of your test runs to give you traceability. Now, you can export the results in CSV format of every run from the run artifacts.

This feature has been requested from our customers who need to send run results out to non-users or archive the results in some other product for audit reasons.

Your first Salesforce automated tests

For Salesforce users who would like to test their Salesforce instance, we have launched a ready-made kit. You can now create a Salesforce starter while creating a test suite and access the most typical test cases for Salesforce.

This provides you with a solid base to get acquainted with the product and build your tests. Please note that you need to provide the credentials for your Salesforce environment.

Development and Regression runs

When you want to manually trigger a run to ensure that the tests are working and not pollute your dashboards, you may mark them as development. This selection can be made next to the Run button.

A development run will not pollute your dashboards. You can access the results and the run artifacts by toggling to the development tab on the suite runs card.

Net promoter score collection

You will be asked to rate your experience of using our product. Your feedback is extremely important to us. Please help us improve the product.

Happy testing!