Version 2.13.2 Date: Oct, 6 2021

2.13.2 production update expands the cross-browser testing and information sharing experience in Copado Robotic Testing.

Run your tests on Edge

In addition to testing your web applications, be it Salesforce, SAP, or a homegrown website on the latest Chrome and Firefox versions, now you can test on Microsoft Edge. This gives you more confidence in the cross-browser compatibility of your application.

You may run this by setting the global variable BROWSER as Edge.

Please note that LiveTesting and recorder are designed to work for the chrome browser. As our test automation is browser, platform, and technology agnostic, tests developed against the chrome browser should uninterruptedly and reliably run against Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Although we have not noticed any issues in our testing processes, Edge support for Linux is still beta. If you notice any issues, please contact us.

Robot level notifications

Continuous testing is the key to good quality assurance. If and when a functionality or a process gets broken the quickest you get to know it the better it is. And therefore we have notifications.

In addition to setting notifications at a suite level, you may now create notifications at a robot level. A robot-level notification applies to every suite under it.

Teams notifications and multi-select triggers

Drawing from the above, we have also extended our notification integrations from Slack and emails to include Microsoft Teams. We want to meet you where you collaborate.

You can set one or a combination of triggers for the notifications. This gives you the freedom to mix and match the various triggers to best suit your needs.

Salesforce optimization

QEditor, LiveTesting, and the recorder have undergone a massive intelligence upgrade which enables even more accurate and robust interaction with the not so simple Salesforce elements.

Let’s together make the release days obsolete!