Version 2.14.1 Date: Nov, 11 2021

2.14.0 and 2.14.1 are clubbed together in this release note. The star features of these two releases are data-driven testing, QConnect Dev and Selenium support.

Data-driven testing

We are pleased to introduce a much asked for capability in the product. Now you can separate your test case and test data, and thus maintain your test data in a separate file.

Currently, we are supporting populating your tests with test data from the following file formats - CSV, TSV, Excel and OpenDocument Spreadsheet. This is will be further extended to support the best of the breed test data management tools.

A test data file is linked at a suite level. Once you upload the test data file, we auto-create the metadata you would need for successfully running data-driven testing. Every run is versioned in Copado Robotic Testing, and so is the test data file that was used with the underlying run. Thus, giving you 100% traceability on the test data.

This is a beta feature. Please enable beta features from your profile.

QConnect Dev

QConnect Dev provides you with superior test authoring experience on your local VSCode editor. We currently offer two different avenues for test authoring - the cloud QEditor and the VSCode QEditor. We are committed to providing superior test authoring experience on both platforms.

QConnect Dev is designed to address two particular needs - firstly, test development on a local mobile device and secondly, test development for applications residing behind your firewall.

This plugin is downloadable from your profile and needs to be authenticated against it. The plugin is a part of our standard offering and does not cost anything extra.

QEditor Enhancements

In the two releases, we have incorporated a bunch of your suggestions in QEditor. Here is a list

  • QWord palette in QEditor has been reorganized to show all QWords libraries at once

  • Added and documented additional keyboard shortcuts.

  • Recorded test steps are formatted to align with the rest of the executed trace in Live Testing.

  • Introduced formatted paste, which allows pasting test steps in proper alignment with the rest of the test script.

  • Added support for searching and filtering Qwords in QWord Palette.

  • Added test case browser.

  • Added keyword browser.

The search option on the top of your page has been transformed into a universal search. This can be used to search any feature, settings and projects within your organization.

Run Selenium tests inside Copado Robotic Testing

Some of our customers have invested in developing Selenium test cases before knowing Copado Robotic Testing. We understand that you would like to continue to run the already built Selenium tests until they break and become too expensive to maintain.

We have created Selenium support inside our product. While you continue to develop new test cases with our product, you may import the Selenium test assets inside the product and run them in a healthy cloud infrastructure. This gives you the added benefit of healthy test automation infrastructure, access to browsers, orchestration, and a central result database.

Copado Robotic Testing currently, supports Selenium tests build using the open source Selenium IDE. To execute your Selenium tests, you need to create a new suite and mark it a Selenium suite, that’s it.

Let’s together make the release days obsolete!