Version 2.14.2 Date: Dec, 02 2021

2.14.2 introduces added operating system support for QConnect Dev and more sign-in options.

QConnect Dev for Mac

QConnect Dev provides you with superior test authoring experience on your local VSCode editor. We currently offer two different avenues for test authoring - the cloud QEditor and the VSCode QEditor. We are committed to providing superior test authoring experience on both platforms.

QConnect Dev is designed to address two particular needs - firstly, test development on a local mobile device and secondly, test development for applications residing behind your firewall.

This plugin is downloadable from your profile and needs to be authenticated against it. The plugin is a part of our standard offering and does not cost anything extra. Now, this add-on is available for Mac users. It will be an essential component in developing tests for iOs or Safari.

MAC support is for intel processors and not M1 processors.

Single Sign-On

We have added to our list of single sign-on options. In addition to Azure AD, we are happy to introduce Salesforce SSO. So now you can log in to Copado Robotic Testing with a click of a button.

This feature has been asked by our customer’s IT. Understandably, the companies have strict policies on user identity management and we are committed to helping our customers.

Plan configurator

This feature is especially for our partners. They can now change and configure plans for their end customers over an intuitive UI.

Let’s together make the release days obsolete!