Version 2.14.3 Date: Dec, 21 2021

2.14.3 brings new git integrations and data-driven testing enhancements.

Azure Repos

Azure Repos are integrated into Copado Robotic Testing. We believe that all tests should be version-controlled. Hence, our customers can easily plug in a git service of their preference in the product - Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and now, Azure Repos.

The integration works consistently regardless of the git service in use. And the features like Live Testing, Recorder, and QEditor can be used seamlessly.

Data-driven Testing

A new test dataset selector has been added to the data-driven testing capability. You can run either a test case with an entire data set or run a bunch of tests with a particular data set. For the latter, there is a new functionality that lets you select the particular dataset that you want to run your tests with. The selection happens rights after a data file is uploaded.

Data-driven testing is yet a beta feature. Therefore, please activate beta features from under your profile.

Runs with Unknown Status

For several reasons, a test run could fail. Often this is due to a problem in configuring tests.

Earlier, if a run failed without even starting a test execution, the product showed Unknown under the build status. Now, you can fetch build information. This gives you extra tools to debug this problem and remediate it.

Let’s together make the release days obsolete!