2.14.6 was released on March 31, 2022

2.14.6 brings out PDF report creation, and a robust and yet an easy way to interact with the infamous shadow DOM elements.

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PDF Reports

Our users have requested a mechanism to export test run results. They would like to email a run report to their colleagues or store it in their database for auditing purposes.

Now, one can create a PDF out of a test run. This feature works retroactively. Not only you can create PDFs for your new runs, you can create them for your past runs too.

Please note that in addition to creating PDF reports, you have 100% traceability to your run assets - run results, run video, detailed logs, etc.

QWeb 2.0.0 in Beta

With QWeb 2.0.0, you can interact with shadow DOM elements in the QWords' signature way - easy and robust.

QWeb is packaged with a beta robot image. Therefore, you can try it out by choosing Unstable from robot version. We will move it to Stable within two weeks.

Following are the key highlights of QWeb 2.0.0

  • Element searches to shadow dom. This can be enabled using SetConfig ShadowDOM True.

  • Change element highlight color when needed. Example SetConfig HighlightColor orange

More here.

Releases 2.14.4 and 2.14.5

The earlier two releases were stabilizing releases. There were a lot of improvements done on the backend. On the UI, we added the capability to download and delete test data.

Let’s together make the release days obsolete!