2.14.7, Date: Apr, 7 2022

2.14.7 updates "Salesforce startter suite" and robot image contents.

Salesforce starter suite

The following changes were applied:

  • Added "Login As" example test case

  • Clarified library imports and added example how to handle multiple libraries with same keyword names

QWeb 2.0.0

With QWeb 2.0.0, you can interact with shadow DOM elements in the QWords' signature way - easy and robust.

Following are the key highlights of QWeb 2.0.0

  • Element searches to shadow dom. This can be enabled using SetConfig ShadowDOM True.

  • Change element highlight color when needed. Example SetConfig HighlightColor orange

  • Moved to Selenium 4

More here.

QForce 2022.14

QForce 2022.14 includes new keywords for making pick list content verification easier. The keywords added are:

  • GetPickList - Get all available options from a pick list

  • GetPickListCount - get the count of picklist options

  • VeirfyPickList - verify that one or multiple options are included in pick list

Check keyword documentation for more information.

Live testing / Recorder

Live testing now recognizes few Salesforce specific keywords (PickList, UseModal), when recording is happening on Salesforce.