2.15.0, Date: Apr, 28 2022

2.15.0 is a remarkable milestone at Copado Robotic Testing in general, and test authoring in particular. We are thrilled to launch Flow Editor - A novice way to script-less test automation.

Flow Editor - Scriptless test automation

The Flow editor unleashes an altogether novice way of script-less test automation.

You can create a test case by creating a flow of your test steps and entering the information asked. You won’t need to script for authoring a test case in the flow mode. A flow is an intuitive and visually appealing perspective of your test case.

While you are creating and interacting with your test case in the Flow editor, we are maintaining a low-code alter ego of your test case - also known as the script mode. You can create tests in your preferred way and seamlessly toggle between the two perspectives - Flow and Script. It is noteworthy that both perspectives are always kept in sync.

We firmly believe that the Flow Editor will strengthen collaboration between our business users and testers on test cases, and play a significant role in democratizing testing. Read more about Flow editor here

QForce Recorder

Creating automated test cases for testing Salesforce has gotten easier with the enhanced recorder functionalities. The UI recorder is now able to better interpret user interactions with Salesforce and translate them into specialized QForce keywords.

The UI recorder can record into following QForce keywords

  • PickList

  • Multipicklist

  • VerifyField

  • UseModal

  • Launchapp

  • VerifyPageHeader

Live Testing

With the launch of Flow editor, we have streamlined LiveTesting experience. There is a guided tour that should guide you on the new layout. Here is a list of changes

  • User can restart LiveTesting if the session has no browser open.

  • Consolidation of LiveTesting controls on the top menu.

  • File, test and block explorer panels.

  • General improvement in performance.

Data-Driven Testing

The data-driven testing feature is still under the beta flag and will move from under beta before the May release. We did two major improvements to our data-driven testing

  • Multiple sheets - Utilize data sets from multiple sheets within a file.

  • Increased size of data files - Now you can have a total number of 500 000 cells in your data file.

HTML Reports and Output Artifact

Copado Robotic Testing provides you with 100% traceability to your run assets - run results, run video, detailed logs, etc. within the product. In addition to the information on the product, one can download PDF reports, HTML logs and an entire Output folder of the runs for archiving and sharing purposes.

You can create PDF reports or download the Output folder from the run results itself.

Personal Access Token

Your personal access tokens are moved from under projects to your profile section.

You can link Copado Robotic Testing to your test assets stored in various git services - Github, Gitlab, Azure Repos and Bitbucket. This information was earlier stored at the project level. Consequently, you needed to authenticate yourself with every new project and you did not have one place to manage all your access tokens. This has been resolved by moving access tokes to your profile. Now, you can keep track and delete your access tokens from one place. Not to mention that you do not need to reauthenticate yourself with every new project.

Let’s together make the release days obsolete!