2.15.3, Date: May, 24 2022

We are glad to release two major features - Re-running of failed tests and a Mobile session viewer. The release is also packed with recorder improvements to better test ServiceNow and Salesforce applications.

We now have a new documentation site https://docs.copado.com and therefore, we will discontinue updating https://help.pace.qentinel.com in the near future.

Re-run Failed Tests

Every test run results in passing and failing test cases. Failed test cases could be due to a bug in the application under test or a false alarm. Therefore, it becomes necessary to run the failed test cases from the previous run to conclude whether the failure occurs due to a defect in the application or the tests themselves. Should it happen due to a defect in your tests, you may quickly fix the tests and run the failed tests again to see the outcome of your fixes.

You can re-run failed test cases by just clicking on a button. This option is available to you next every suite run that has failed tests.

QEditor 2.0.1 - Visual Code Plugin

There are two ways of using QEditor - the test authoring environment of Copado Robotic Testing. You could either use the cloud QEditor from within Copado Robotic Testing or install a QEditor plugin on your VS Code.

We released 2.0.1 of our Visual Code plugin on May 20, 2022. Along with many improvements it came out with a major feature for enhancing the mobile testing experience.

Mobile Viewer

Primarily, mobile test authoring happens on a local device attached to a local machine, and the developed tests are run either on a local device or device farms like BrowserStack. There are slight functional and non-functional differences between a local mobile device and a mobile device in a device farm. Thus, you would benefit from developing or debugging your tests directly against a device in the device farm.

We have built an early product concept wherein you can configure your QEditor plugin to broadcast the mobile device’s screen from BrowserStack on your Visual Code. By this, you can build your tests on a mobile device without owning one, get quick feedback on your test development and ensure that there are no inconsistencies when these tests are run.

Please note that the screen refresh is dependent on the network and may sometime appears to be slow. This is an early concept and we would invite a few customers to try it out. If you want to try it out, please be in touch with your contact person at Copado.

Other QEditor Plugin Updates

A full list can be found at here.

  • Added support for Copado’s QS4Hana library for testing SAP S/4 HANA applications.

  • Load time of the editor has been improved.

  • Support for auto-completing imports.

  • FOR loop validation with IN ENUMERATE has been fixed.

  • Validation of resource dependencies with cloud editor has been fixed.

Recorder Enhancements

We have done some major recorded enhancements to improve test authoring by recording in ServiceNow and Salesforce applications.

Below is a list of such improvements.

  • Recorder records SwitchWindow.

  • Recording LaunchApp in Salesforce and SAP.

  • Enter key support for LaunchApp.

  • Timely recording of UseModal off.

  • No duplicate VerifyText when clicked to scroll.

  • Improved recording of a dropdown list.

  • Uninterrupted recording with and after ServiceNow dropdown.

Other Visible Improvements

  • Display messaging, and options to move PATs from project secrets to user params.

  • Ability to provide additional named arguments (kwargs) to test steps in Flow Editor.

  • Auto-launching of NPS rating form.

Hotfix Releases 2.15.1 and 2.15.2

2.15.1 and 2.15.2 are hotfix releases post our major release 2.15.0. The only user-visible change we have done is to move Data-Driven Testing out of beta tag.

Let’s together make the release days obsolete!