Getting started

Mobile test cases and automation tasks can be developed with the QConnect for mobile on your local machine and then moved to cloud Copado Robotic Testing for production. The test cases and automation tasks themselves are usually executed using the Robot Framework. Familiarity with the Robot Framework is beneficial.

Mobile installation on Copado Robotic Testing

In order to create a mobile robot your organizarion current plan need to be Team or Team 24x7 where Mobile application testing with real devices is available as an option/Add-ons. In the organization page you can find a list of features that your current plan includes.

Copado Robotic Testing plan does not include BrowserStack/Bitbar plan. If you don’t have any BrowserStack/Bitbar license yet, contact Copado Robotic Testing Service desk.

Here is the steps to get mobile robot use on Copado Robotic Testing:


  • Mobile robots need to be available in your organizarion current plan

  • You need to have BrowserStack or Bitbar plan purchased

  • The mobile application to be tested must be downloaded to the BrowserStack / Bitbar and application id/url is available

  • Copado Robotic Testing Project is created

1) Create a mobile robot

2) Add a suite including the required parameters app id/url, deviceType (without spaces) and mobileOs

Suite variables

Mobile installation for local test case development

In order to develop mobile test case locally please follow installation guides below: