Mobile Automation

Mobile automation performs actions on mobile devices based on the information of the elements on the screen available through the Automation Frameworks and Accessibility APIs. Each mobile operating system has its own approach how to provide these.

Mobile Automation based QWords are available via library called QMobile that can be included in your robots to enable mobile automation.

Landscape of Mobile Automation

In the big picture, mobile test automation might look like a simple task. But when looking closer, the reality might surprise: do I need a physical device or can I use virtual one? Which mobile OS I need (Android or iOS), or both perhaps? How old mobile OS versions I need to support? How many physical devices needed to speed up testing, how about cloud based device farms? Can I write one script for all before mentioned scenarios?

QMobile QWords and flexible configurability makes it easier to tackle above points. For example interactions with a mobile device is as simple as:

TypeText   Username   john_doe

This simplicity makes automation routines easy to develop, understand and maintain.