Beta Features

Beta features give end users an opportunity to get familiar and give feedback on forthcoming feature. Since beta features might not yet be on final form & production quality, they are off by default. Users can enable beta features when needed.

Enabling Beta Features

  1. To enable beta features, navigate to your profile by clicking your avatar icon and then select Profile:

Profile menu

  1. Toggle the "beta feature" switch to On.

Beta features toggle

Beta features are now enabled for your user account.

List of Beta Features

Here is a short description of all features under "beta features" toggle. To use them, please follow the instructions on Enabling Beta Features to enable them.

Many of latest (beta) features only work with Kubernetes based runners. If you want to use them and are still using Jenkins based runner, please contact Copado Robotic Testing Support

Robot Framework 4.x selection

New Robot

To enable Robot Framework 4.x when creating a new robot, follow the steps below:

  1. Follow instructions for adding a new robot

  2. If "beta features" are enabled, you will have additional settings / configuration options under Advanced options

  3. Click Show advanced options

Show advanced options

  1. Expand Robot versions dropdown

  2. Select a robot version that contains -rf4.xx

Robot versions

Existing Robot

To enable Robot Framework 4.x for an existing robot, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Edit button on your robot

Edit robot

  1. Go to Advanced options

  2. Expand Robot versions dropdown

  3. Select a robot version that contains -rf4.xx

Robot versions

Personal tokens

Personal access keys can be used when making REST API calls to Copado Robotic Testing. Most common use case is using API to trigger runs from other systems or CI pipeline. Personal access keys can be used instead of test suite specific API Keys or with pre-build solutions like GitHub Action for Copado Robotic Testing.

  1. To create a new personal access key, navigate to your profile as described in Enabling Beta Features.

  2. Click New Key button under Personal access keys

New Key button
  1. Name your key and set the expiration in days (optional)

New Key Dialog
  1. Click Save button.

  2. Your new personal access key has been generated. A dialog will open displaying the generated key.

Generated Key
You can copy the key to clipboard by clicking it.
  1. The new key can also be seen in Personal access keys -list

Personal keys list

Test Case Duration Change Analysis

Test case duration change analysis / performance change detection can be enabled for each suite individually. This feature tracks the duration of your test cases and individual steps, and warns you if there’s a considerable change. This information can be used to track down possible performance or configuration issues.

You can enable test case duration change analysis as follows:

  1. Click Edit icon on your test suite

Edit suite

  1. Under Analytics section, check Test case duration change detection

Enable test case duration change detection

After enabling this feature you need ~20+ runs for Copado Robotic Testing to get reliable baseline for test case duration.

Once Copado Robotic Testing detects significant change in test case duration, you would see a warning icon(s) like this:

Warning: duration change