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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See https://docs.copado.com/ for up-to-date documentation.

Congratulations on your successful log in! You should be navigated to Copado Robotic Testing home page. The home page has several quick links. Please note that a Quality for Intelligence dashboard can be assigned as a home page too, although we are not going to cover that here.


Description of the home page:

  1. Home page button: Copado's logo on the top left is the home button. Clicking the home page should navigate you to your home page view, i.e. the view you would see after logging in.

  2. Projects: The briefcase icon on the top-right represents projects. You will be navigated to project's page, wherein a list of all the projects you have access to is displayed.

  3. Setup: The top-rightmost icon should display your profile picture, if you have set one up. A dropdown menu appears, which have bunch of options. Read more on the other options from here. As you might have noticed, you can logout by clicking on the logout option.

  4. Projects' card: Here is a shortcut card for your projects.

    1. View: Takes you to the list of your projects.

    2. Quick Start: Accelerates the process of creating a project, a robot and a suite with some template test cases. Please note that you may edit the auto created project, robot, suite or the test cases in the suite. Should you have personal plan and should you have used Quick start already, you will neither be allowed to use Quick start nor create additional robots.

  5. Organization’s card: Here is a shortcut card for your organization.

    1. Manage: Takes you to your organization’s page, wherein you can view your usage, feature list, billing information and configure access rights.

  1. Help card: Quick links to access help documentation.

    1. User guide: Takes you to the help documentation main page.

    2. Quick start guide: Takes you to the help documentation quick start guide

  2. Buy Copado Robotic Testing: Takes you View/change plans under billing.

  1. Trainings and certification: Copado offers an on-demand training for Copado Robotic Testing. Enroll for them and get the most out in your test automation projects.

  2. Help: All the help articles can be accessed through Help as well.

  3. About: Should you seek Copado's security & privacy policy, click on About and you will be navigated to the desired information.

  4. In app support: The brown support button is to raise tickets and contact us. Click on it to pop it open.