Pull Services

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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See https://docs.copado.com/ for up-to-date documentation.

Creating metric sources using Pull Services

Pull services are used to bring together all your key DevOps metrics from your DevOps tools to gain insight to software being worked on and the DevOps process. We currently support Azure DevOps (work items, commits, pull requests) and Jira (work items).

Pull Services are available only for Team and Team 24x7 plans.

We will now create an example Pull service for demonstration.

  1. Navigate to Pull services page.

  2. Add a new Pull Service with ‘+’.

devops add pull service
  1. Fill in Pull service details.

    1. Pull service type can be either “local” or “cloud”. “Cloud” would run as a cron job on Copado cloud, “local” integrations can run on your local machine / server. Select ‘cloud’.

    2. Pull service name is any descriptive name (without spaces) given by the user.

    3. Select a Project from the list which the pull service will be tied to.

    4. Schedule the pull service to run to get latest data. You can select the clock time when Pull Service starts pulling data. E.g. this configuration starts pulling every 45th minute of each hour.

    5. The amount of Retries if the pull service fails.

    6. Url is the link of your agile project management tool (Azure DevOps, Jira etc).

    7. Select Integration type from a list of integrations you wish to create the pull service. After selecting the integration

    8. Personal Access token is visible for most integrations is a basic alternate password used to access your API services of your agile management tool (Azure DevOps etc). ..Password is visible if integration requires basic authentication password.

    9. Jira project key is specific to Jira integration. For more information, please visit Jira project.

devops pull service details
  1. Click “Save” once you have added all the required information