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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

In this section, you will learn about the different views on the live testing window and the options available to you.

Different views

You may read about different QEditor options separately. In this section, we will specifically look at the different live testing views.

  1. Live testing controls: Control panel for live testing.

  2. Live stream/browser: Provides a live stream of the test steps being executed on the system under test. The browser is also interactable and if recording is turned on, your actions will be turned into QWords.

  3. Editor window: Place where you will write your test steps. In case of launching a live testing session from a test case, the test case is exported here automatically.

  4. Execution trace: Shows the history of test steps you have executed in a particular live testing session.

  5. Live Testing Messages: Shows the run time output / logged information of every executed step.

Live testing controls

Let’s look at what the different controls do. From left to right:

  1. Run from current line: This runs all the steps in the editor that you have entered. If you have launched live testing from top of a test case, the test case is automatically exported to the editor. In which case, this control will execute the entire test case.

  2. Single step: This will execute one test step at a time starting from the top.

  3. Run current test step: This will execute the test step where your cursor is currently at. You may alternatively use Ctrl+Enter on windows OS or Command+Enter on Mac, as a shortcut for this operation. Remember to bring your cursor to the desired test step.

  4. Pause Execution: Pause Live Testing execution temporarily. A paused Live Testing execution can be continued later.

  5. Stop Execution: Stop Live Testing execution. All steps which have not been executed yet will be aborted.

  6. Restart live testing: If your session times out, connection is lost or you have run the entire test case (using run current test case) and you want to re-run it, you can restart the session by clicking on this control.

  7. Download logs and reports: This allows you to download logs and reports from Live Testing backend once LiveTesting is performed.

  8. UI Recorder: Toggle UI recorder on or off. When enabled, your manual interactions with browser will be recorded as QWords.

Live Testing menu has commands to run cases or steps, restart or terminate live testing session and maximize browser window (Open Display in New Window)

Currently, you can use Run current test case only once per session. After which, you will need to restart the session.