Live Testing

We have moved

This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

Live testing enables you to test web applications from within Copado Robotic Testing. It provides visual feedback on your test steps in real-time. This all happens within Copado Robotic Testing, in a much more efficient way and without you having to download any browsers, drivers, frameworks etc.

You can achieve the following with live testing:

  1. Run an existing entire test case

  2. Run a test step at a time

  3. Record test cases / steps

  4. Modify a test case

  5. Verify whether a test step interact with your application the way it should

  6. Take a developed test case back to your test suite

Live testing is strongly tied to QEditor and works with suites existing in Copado Robotic Testing files, Copado hosted gitlab, public gitlab and public github. Currently, it tests web applications with the browsers, firefox and chrome.