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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

Live testing includes a test case Recorder, which can assist on creating basic test cases quickly.

Launching & stopping Recorder

Test case recorder is by default off when you start a Live Testing session. Just interact with the browser and steps that you do will be recorded.

To toggle recording on or off click this icon:

recorder icon
Figure 1. Recorder icon

…​on Live Testing session’s toolbar:

recorder toolbar
Figure 2. Recorder icon in Live Testing toolbar

Icon blinks if recording is on.

Using Recorder

Interact with Live Testing session’s browser. Based on your actions, the following keywords will be recorded:

  • GoTo (typing into browser address field)

  • ClickText (clicking any text on a web page)

  • ClickItem / ClickElement (clicking non-textual element on a web page)

  • ClickCheckbox (clicking checkbox on a web page)

  • TypeText (typing text to an input field on a web page)

  • TypeSecret (typing text to password input field on a web page )

  • HoverText (moving mouse on top of a text)

  • SwitchWindow (switching to another tab/window)

  • VerifyText (verifying that a text appears on screen)

Recorded keywords will appear by default on the left side of the browser and will be indicated with round red icon:

recorded steps

VerifyText will be recorded once you highlight a text from the page.

Here is an example how recorder works. We will:

  1. Open Live Testing

  2. Write to the browser’s address bar and press [ENTER]

  3. Type "" to Email field

  4. Type "MySuperSecretPassword" to Password field

  5. Click button Login

Demo: Recorder

The steps above will produce following recorded steps:

TypeText        email
TypeSecret      password    MySuperSecretPassword
ClickText       Log in

To save recorded scripts you can copy-paste them into your Live Testing session script area or to your test suite file in Editor.

Verifying text in Recorder

Recording VerifyText keywords can be enabled from Recorder settings. To do so, navigate to File > Editor configuration and check option Enable recording of VerifyText actions.

recorder preferences verifytext

To record VerifyText keywords, highlight text from the Live Testing browser:

recorder verifytext recorded
At the moment recording functionality is available for web application testing on Chrome browser