Project's home page

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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

Each project has a dedicated home page wherein project level access management can be configured.


Project home page description:

  1. Project title bar: Displays name and type of the project, and the project's parent organization. In this example, test automation project on Orientation org.

  2. Edit: A project's name, its description and the project specific dashboard can be edited at any time through the edit option on the right of the projects name.

  3. Delete: A project can be deleted by clicking on this option.

Remember that all the project specific data, Robots etc. will be lost, by deleting a project. Should you happen to do so accidentally, please contact Copado or your supplier for help.

  1. Robots: Quick navigation to Robots page.

  2. Permissions: The allowed permissions for each Project need to be specified on the project home page for each person or access group. The permissions restrict the access for the project. A user or a group of users can be granted either viewing rights or editing rights or no rights at all. Permissions can be modified by clicking on the edit icon on the top-right of the permission box.

  3. Variables: Here you can define global variables for the entire project and also view or modify your personal variables. A typical personal variable is your access token which you will generate while authenticating against a github or gitlab. A typical project level variable could be a specific domain name, user credentials etc. for the system under test, which you want to access in your entire project. variableproject

  4. Execution parameter: You can change the default values by setting execution parameters that control how test cases are executed and what outputs are generated. You can pass them to the test runner so that Name presents the option and value its value. For a list of useful execution parameters check the appendix. For instance, this option set the values for -i option (include tests with a tag): executionproject

It is best practice to correctly mark sensitive information as sensitive by clicking on the eye icon. A sensitive information is obfuscated from all the logs.