Agent capabilities and demands

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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

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By default, when Copado Robotic Testing starts a test run with a QConnect-enabled robot, it chooses any available agent from the organization. To control this behavior, agents specify capabilities, which are named properties of the agent, and robots can set demands stating that only agents with specific capabilities can run the tests under that robot.

Adding a capability

Demands can be added while creating agents or later by managing agents in agent list view.

Navigate to your organization’s Agents view by clicking your profile icon > Organizations > QConnect/Agents button.

Find your agent from the list and hover on top of it with mouse and select "Manage Capabilities" (1)


Click the "Edit" (2) button and select "Manage Capabilities":

qconnect agents edit

Click "Add capability". Name your capability and give it a value.

qconnect capabilities added

Setting demands

To set demands, go to the Robots page of your project in Copado Robotic Testing, and click the Demands icon under a robot.

qconnect demands icon

When adding a demand, the Name/Key and Value refer to the name and value of a capability that the agent must have. An agent only starts running a test suite if it fulfills all demands of the robot that contains the test suite.

For example, is a system default capability defined automatically for all agents, so you can add a demand whose Name is and Value is the name you gave to one of the agents. Then, the tests under that robot will be only executed on that specified agent.

qconnect demands agentname

If you want to add additional demands, click [Add demand] button.