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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

Organization will display home page of the organization you belong to along with links to functionalities that are relevant at organizational level.



On the top right, you can see your usage statistics. You could see the usage statistics on the consumed robot minutes, memory and number of projects. Hover-on a particular statistic will reveal further information.


Permissions below usage, shows you a list of all the users in this organization with their access rights. You may grant or revoke access rights of users and user-groups from here. Please note that rights at organization level does not directly grant project level rights. Every project has its project specific rights.

Under the organization’s name, there are a bunch of icons acting as quick links. From right to left:

  1. Projects: Briefcase icon represents projects, clicking on which will take you to the projects' page.

  2. Users: You may invite users to join your organization. Follow user invitation to accomplish that.

  3. User groups: When working in larger teams and willing to demarcate You may create different user groups and use them to assign to specific projects. Follow user group creation to accomplish that.

  4. Billing: Quick link for billings page.

Plan information and feature list

Towards the end, you have your plan type and a list of features that your current plan includes.

This page is accessible to an organization’s admin and may or may not be visible to you. The person signing up for a personal plan is by default the admin of that organization.