Robots and Suites

We have moved

This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

The robots and suites view is the left most pane in your suites view. Starting from top to bottom in the picture below.


  1. Quality Intelligence: The little Quality Intelligence icon on the top will take you to the project specific dashboard.

  2. Suites running: A dynamic pane appears, when at least one suite is running and disappears when there are no running suites. It comes pretty handy when your project has multiple suites under one or many robots.

  3. Robots: A pane per robot showing all the suites under it.

  4. Add Robot: As the name suggests, for adding a robot.

  5. Highlighted suite The orange color highlight on a suite’s name represents that it is currently selected. All the other views on this page i.e. suite configuration and results are for the highlighted suite.

  6. Robots configuration: Every robot has a few icons under its name.

    1. Latest runs A sheet like icon on the top left edge of a Robot is a quick link to view the latest run results of all the suites under that specific Robot suitesbrowsing5

    2. +: Adding a suite under that specific robot.

    3. Edit: Editing a robot. You may edit a Robot’s name, description, variable and executor parameters.

    4. Delete: As the name suggests, for deleting a robot.