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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

Robot is a cloud entity capable of running one or more suites. A robot can have many suites. Within Copado Robotic Testing you can run different suites in parallel from within one robot or different robots. A quick analogy from physical robot would be to think of suites as many hands of a robot. A suite is also where your tests lie.

Robot is an umbrella for a suite. A suite cannot exist without a robot. When you execute tests in Copado Robotic Testing, you basically execute a suite. Your tests, results, videos etc. are all tied to a suite.

Under this heading, we will learn about all the functionalities under a suite’s view and creating/adding suites to a robot.

One question, you might have at this point is on the demarcation between robots and suites? Below is one example, however, your needs might vary with the use case at hand. From our point of view and your subscription plan, you have all the freedom to create as many robots and as many suites under one robot.

Example 1. Robots and suites
Let’s say you want to test salesforce application. An example robot level demarcation can be salesforce in development and staging. Whereas, a suite level demarcation for salesforce in development can be a suite for a role within salesforce or level of testing (smoke, regression) or testing on different browsers etc.