Creating a suite with custom Git

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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

Click on custom Git option if you are repositories are hosted on some IP, local host or network.

  1. Title bar: Holds information on the name of the Robot and its type under which a suite is being created.

  2. Suite name: A suite must have a name.

  3. Repository details: Your tests exist in a version control; this is where you will configure Copado Robotic Testing to fetch the tests.

  4. Git URL: Repository address

  5. Username: Username that has access to the repository

  6. Password/Access token: Password or access token respective to the username.

  7. Branch/Tag: By default, Copado Robotic Testing will fetch master branch of the repository, should you wish any other branch, please mention it here.

  8. Streaming and recording: This option enables a Robot to record or live stream test execution. Please note that this option cannot be enabled later on, once a suite has been created. Currently, live streaming works only for web testing, whereas recording works for web and mobile testing.

  9. Access/Configuration: Should you wish to pass additional parameters while executing a suite, this is the place to configure them.

  10. Help: Should you wish to access help specific to suite creation.

You can assign a repository to multiple suites. For example, if you want to run same test cases against firefox and chrome, you will create two suites and link them to same repository. After which you will create a suite specific variable BROWSER:chrome & another suite specific variable BROWSER:firefox.