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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See for up-to-date documentation.

Copado Robotic Testing keeps track of the entire result history of a suite for you, since its first ever run. Along with test results, it also does store detailed logs and recorded videos wherever enabled.


Suite runs

Let’s look at the suite runs first. This pane contains the entire history of suite runs and their results. By default it shows you a list of the last 10 runs per page, you may change this.

  1. Run type: Regression and Development runs are on their own tab [1].

  2. Detailed logs: By clicking on the script icon next to a timestamp and you will be navigated to the detailed log of that run [2]. A brief snapshot is shown below suitesbrowsing3 suitesbrowsing4

  3. Test Generation: This icon tells you whether or not test generation was used in this suite run. [3]

  4. Run time: Displays the time when this specific suite run was initiated. Clicking on a specific run time opens result for that run on the right most pane, results. This pane is discussed below. [4]

  5. Results: Shows a quick result in number of pass and fail. [5]

  6. Execution minutes: [6] Shows the duration of suite run in seconds.

  7. Branch/Tag: Tells which branch or tag of the repository was run. This is pointing to the repository where your test cases reside. [7]

  8. Recording: Shows the status of recording during the run as in all, failed or none. [8]

  9. Execution Parameters: Shows any execution parameters you may have used during that particular execution. [9]


When you click on a particular suite run in the Suite runs view, a quick summary of that suite run opens up on the right side.

  1. Detailed Logs: The log-like icon on the top-right corner of results is a link to the detailed test results. It is same as the detailed log discussed above. [10]

  2. >_ Run time logs: This is a link to view run time logs when a suite is being executed. They will tell you, which test is currently being executed, results for the already executed tests etc. Please note that this feature is only available for new projects and the logs does not last forever, as once a run is complete the detailed logs are made accessible. [11]

  3. Artifacts: Download artifacts created during test run. [12]

  4. Case: Name of the test case. Clicking the test case name opens detailed log for that particular test case. [13]

  5. Live Testing: Icon to open selected test case in Live Testing / debugging. [14]

  6. Duration: Time duration for running the test case. [15]

  7. Status: Pass or fail. [16]

  8. Recording: If the video was recorded, it can be viewed by clicking on the camera icon next to a case. [17]