Test Generation Reports

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This is a legacy version of Copado Robotic Testing help. This page will not be updated anymore.

See https://docs.copado.com/ for up-to-date documentation.

Given that you have a project, a robot and a suite, wherein your test case script lies. You have enabled test generation in your test script as shown in the picture below


Now, everytime this suite is run, Copado Robotic Testing will trigger automated test generation. You will be notified once the test generation has generated test results by a notification on top-right corner of your screen. These generated test cases are always available to you by clicking on the two-vial icon in your suite runs. If your suite did not include any test generation it will only have a one-vale icon. Clicking on the below shown icon will takes you to the generated test cases.


Please note that generated test cases are not stored in your git automatically. Should you figure out that a particular generated test case is of special interest to you, you may include it in your regression tests.

The generated test cases are automatically schedule for execution as a normal suite run. Should you realize having generated a vast amount of test cases, which you do not want to get executed, you can abort the run.

Once the test run is complete you can either view the entire log by clicking on the report button next to you suite run or individual tests log by clicking on their names.