Quick guide for your first test automation

In this quick guide we will run through a bunch of simple steps to get you a super quick feel of Qentinel Pace, a hyper-scalable test automation product. In order to accomplish this, you do not need to have any prior knowledge of Qentinel Pace or test automation, just an email id.


By following the steps below, you will run your first test automation cases using Qentinel Pace, well under 5 minutes. Impressive, well that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You will have access to a hyper-scalable test automation infrastructure, a place for all your test results, a Quality Intelligence dashboard showing test automation statistics, videos and screenshots of your test runs, ability to schedule runs, ability to integrate in your existing DevOps tool chain, access to powerful set PaceWords (keywords), test generation capabilities and for the brevity, a lot more.

Lastly, this will all happen in cloud without you having to set any infrastructure or install anything or build a CI/CD pipeline. Hard to believe, well then let’s better get cracking it.


Start the count down in your smart phone.

  1. Sign up: All you need is a valid email id. Go to Qentinel Pace, fill the form and verify your email address.

  2. Provide consent: Privacy and security is very close to our hearts. Please provide your consent to the general terms and conditions and GDPR policy.

  3. Click Quick Start: See a bunch of things on your home page, spot Quick Start button and click it. This will take a few seconds and auto-create a project, a robot and a suite for you.

  1. Run your first tests: Enable recording for all, enable live streaming and click on Run.

  1. Analysis: Congratulations, you just run your first test automation in cloud. Stop the timer. You could now look at the run recordings, detailed logs and run time logs.

  1. Test Cases: You could check out the test cases by clicking on the editor icon and looking withing the tests folder. We are very certain that you could read the test cases and understand what they actually do that is the power of PaceWords. You may also edit these test cases and build your own test cases learning from them.


Once you have signed up for Qentinel Pace, you have it perpetually for personal use. You can run 60 minutes of testing every month on your personal projects. Wonderful, is it not? You could also checkout a suitable commercial offering from our web.

Were you promised more?

Quality Intelligence Dashboard: Your dashboard is just a click away. Click on the analytics icon to view it. Please note that a part of the dashboard will plot when you have data from more than one day of runs.


Ready to run infrastructure: You did not buy any additional machines, or set up a virtual machine or installed anything and why should you worry about procuring and maintaining environments when your main goal is to create automated test cases. This is the beauty of Qentinel Pace, its users focus only on what is important, creating automated test cases.

Scalability: The commercial versions of Qentinel Pace scaled across organization and teams and can run infinite amount of test automation for you. You can facilitate collaboration through unlimited projects, scale your test automation by adding as many robots and as many suites as your need be. Not only that, Qentinel Pace is a platform agnostic test automation product, you can test web application, mobile applications and native desktop applications.

PaceWords: Qentinel Pace comes with very powerful, yet very simple set of cross-platform keywords, PaceWords. Cross-platform capability of PaceWords is their core strength, it means that one PaceWord can work on web, mobile and native desktop applications. The test cases that you just executed are written using PaceWords. Our promise is that anyone can create automated test cases using PaceWords.

Scheduling: You could schedule your test runs by clicking on the scheduling icon and assigning a schedule for your robots to run your test cases.


Integration to DevOps: You could generate an API key and send api call to Qentinel Pace from your favorite DevOps tool.

You could read about individual topics in detailed documentation.

Hope you fell in love with our product. Got feedback, write us at servicedesk@qentinel.com.